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Yeoboseyo!: Boys24 – Hongin

Let’s begin with: God, this boy will be the end of me so prepare for a long post.

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Yoeboseyo!: 24th June “Music Bank” Half Year Special

Let’s begin with: I guess summer is really here!! Continue reading “Yoeboseyo!: 24th June “Music Bank” Half Year Special”

Yeoboseyo!: Exo EX’ACT Album Teast Photos


Let’s begin with: Some members look great, I guess they’re the “lucky ones”, however some, well let’s say the look like a “monster”. Continue reading “Yeoboseyo!: Exo EX’ACT Album Teast Photos”

Yeoboseyo!: T-ARA and the glorious drama music videos



Let’s begin with: Why have I not shed these tears earlier??

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Yeoboseyo!:KCON 2016 Japan×M COUNTDOWN


I may not be in Japan but that doesn’t stop me from jamming out to the performances.

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Yeoboseyo!: Here comes the Kpop Spring


Stuck on what songs to listen to when you’re going on your spring walk? Well worry no longer.

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