Kpop and Chill

There is no chill with Kpop



Thank You!!

Guys this will be really short so I’m not even putting in a read more. I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Today is a good day for my blog. I’ve reached over 200 views. I have 20 likes and 20 posts (21 with this one but that is a minor detail). I also have 8 followers…..a whole 8 people who decided they want to follow my rants……..

Considering I started this blog just to vent a little in a semi-organized manner the fact I have reached all these goals is amazing to me. So thank you!! While I may be busy sometimes I’ll be sure to keep updating. For both myself and anyone who stumbles in here. I know they aren’t huge numbers but they mean a lot to me.

I didn’t really know how to celebrate this so I started something I’ve been meaning to do for a while….I made a blog page for my bias list. So far it only has my top (ish) 10 biases but I hope to expand it. If you want to check it out here: “My Ever Growing Bias List“.

Thank again!! ❤ ❤



A little bit of Kpop in my life….

Every story has a beginning and this is mine. I’m not like other people, I was always different. I just didn’t know what made me different and then I found it. The thing that would set my interests apart from others: KPOP…..

A representational me, right now…

Ok, the first paragraph was a joke but I wanted to make an interesting first impression. Maybe? I’ll try introduce myself. My name is Marta. I’m Polish but I live in Ireland. I was born on Sept. 17, 1999, a virgo, blood type A….this sounds like some dating website profile (call me up)…. Anyway, apart from Kpop and Kdramas (which I watch too many of) I enjoy other things. I like dancing, writing stories and art. I’m also currently learning Spanish and Korean so there’s something going on up there in my head. So yeah that’s me. I think I’m pretty chill.

Actual Me


My favourite groups are EXO, BTS, Orange Caramel and Girl’s Day….but I really like a lot of others which would take way too long to name. I’m just pretty much trash. I also like solo singers like Lim Kim and DEAN a lot…especially DEAN. My favourite dramas are probably “Kill Me Hill Me” and “The Lover”….Korean Movie probably “Night Flight” (I cried a lot). My favourite variety show is definitely  “Infinity Challenge” (Doto Doto Jambo) and I’m a huge fan of Kwanghee on that.

Soooo… the big question: WHAT IS THIS BLOG ABOUT?? Well truly I’m not fully sure. I just wanted a place to vent my emotions about new music videos or dramas that I have watched or a funny moment on a variety show or even an Instagram update from my Kpop love Nana that made me go “damnn”. I don’t know if it will be structured and I don’t think it will have regular updates either. It’s just for a bit of fun but hey if anyone reads this that’s pretty cool.


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