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Let’s begin with: The year has come to an end and here is a list of my personal, favourite songs. If you don’t agree…don’t hate the player, hate the game.

2016 was not the best of times, in fact, we could say it was pretty terrible. The world was lost into chaos at least 3 times. We lost a number of iconic groups. Zico and Seolhyun dated only to break up like a week later……But let’s not dwell on the sad things. The past years was filled with fabulous music which has made our lives that little bit brighter. Compiling this list was incredibly difficult, it went from top 10,  20, to top 50 and additional honourable mention because I couldn’t leave my children out. A couple rules:

  • All songs have an official music video (album songs coming soon)
  • No two songs by the same artist (sub-units/solos excluded)
  • There weren’t really judging criteria, just pure enjoyment and general feel.

Let’s go so!

1. Twice – TT

Some songs do not need to be musical masterpieces to be enjoyed. Twice quickly became my favourite girl group which each song being more catchy than before. This was so incredibly cheerful and cute I just couldn’t stop myself with falling in love with this song. The costumes and a dance which I loved learning definitely helped boost it to first place also. I am looking forward to what Twice has in store for us in 2017.

2. I.O.I – Very Very Very

I enjoyed “Produce 101”. At times I thought it was trash but I fell in love with every single girl and shed so many tears for each eliminated trainee, that when the final group was chosen I couldn’t help but follow it. “Dream Girls” was one of the worst songs of the year however things only improved after. I greatly enjoyed the bright energy of this song and it was constantly stuck in my head leading to its number 2 spot.

3. EXO &유재석 – Dancing King

If I haven’t made this clear enough yet, EXO is my ultimate bias group. I adore them to bits. They had some iffy songs, *cough* Lotto *cough*, but overall this was an incredible year for my sons. I liked all their songs yet something about this pulled me in. The beat, the energy, the entire idea behind it: everything was perfect.

4. Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

SM never fails me when it comes to good music. Red Velvet is quirky in the best possible way and this song showcases this in the best way. The video was a lovely mixture of dark and funny which played well with the song. It resonated so well with the group that it’s possibly my favourite Red Velvet song to date.

5. Zico, DEAN, Crush – Bermuda Triangle

Firstly, loving this thumbnail. When I heard about this collaboration I was already excited but expectations can set you up for failure. However this was even more than I thought it’d be. There are some raps I enjoy, others I don’t. This one was obviously in the first category. DEAN I adore so his contribution was perfection while Crush did a great job with the chorus. Overall an unexpected but mind blowing mixture.

6. NCT U – The 7th Sense

If Twice is my favourite rookie girl group then NCT is definitely the male equivalent. I admit, the entire concept confuses me but I have fallen in love with every single one of these boys, in the most platonic caring way possible. I liked all the NCT songs….I liked almost none of the outfits. Yet, this song really hit me hard. I was completely chaken when it came out. I loved it more than I love myself. It was so unique and the muxture of vocals and iconic “long ass ride” rapping created a song that touched my soul. It only fell this low because of over consumption on my part.

7. Anda – Like Family

Anda is the first artist on my list that you might not have heard of. She is a soloist with one of the most unique voices in kpop, as well as incredibly interestingly sounding songs. This song is nothing extravagant but the lyrics and it’s instrumental are sassy yet relaxing. I simply enjoy listening to this in my down time.

8. DEAN – Bonnie & Clyde

As I mentioned just a couple songs above I adore DEAN. He makes amazing music and has a voice to back it up. There’s something hypnotisingly eerie about this song that makes me feel a sense of unease and sadness when listening to it, while also getting a bit turned up. I had inner turmoil about putting this on the list but DEAN as a soloist is different and amazing than DEAN as a feature.

9. Crayon Pop –Doo Doom Chit

This song changed my life for about 5 days. I was obssessed with this song. It was all I listened to for days upon days. I learned the dance and did the “Doo Doom Chit” in school, at family dinners, in the bathroom. I fell in love with the funny, dancing cat and posted his pictures on all my social media. I’m glad to say that died down a little but the song is still amazing and I love whenever it plays on my playlist.

10. MOBB – Hit Me

Bobby, and I’m not a big fan of Ikon, is one of my favourite Kpop rappers because of his unique, husky tone. Thinking about Winner makes me sad….however Mino knows how to make a song fun. These two together were a brilliant combination. This song is a party jam, and by party I mean dancing alone in my room with headphones at full volume.

11.BTS- Blood, Sweat & Tears

12.Berry Good – Angel

13.Vixx- Fantasy

14.LOONA HeeJin – ViViD

15.Blackpink – Whistle

16.Jokwon, Min, Hyoyeon – Born to be Wild

17.Fiestar – Apple Pie

18.Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely

19.Park Ki Ryang – Hustle


20.Cosmic Girls – Secret

21.Jonghyun- She is

22.Taemin – Press your number

23.Grace – I’m Fine

24.Luna – Free Somebody

25.CBX – Hey Mama!

26.Oh My Girl- Liar Liar

27.Winner – Baby Baby

28.KARD – Oh Nana

29.Bastarz – Make it Rain

30.Snuper – It’s Raining


31.Lee Hi – My Star

32.History – Queen

33.Monsta X – All In

34.BAP – Feel So Good

35.Sistar – One More Day

36.Shinee – Tell Me What To Do

37.AoA – Good Luck

38.EXID – Lie

39.Fei – Fantasy

40.Astro – Hide&Seek


41.Ailee – Home

42.Up10tion – Catch Me

43.BtoB – Be Your Man

44.Mamamoo – You’re the best

45.Seventeen- Very (aju) Nice

46.Ladies Code – The Rain

47.AKMU – Re: Bye

48.Cocosori – Dark Circle

49.2pm – Promise (I’ll Be)

50.Infinite – The Eye


So what were all your favourite songs this year? Share in the comments

Happy new year to whoever might be reading this!! I wish you all a wonderful 2017 and I hope for amazing things in Kpop, and significantly less break-ups. I guess me New Year’s resolution should be to keep this blog more alive huh? I’m sorry, and I’m mainly apologetic to myself that I let this go. I was just so overwhlemed and busy. But who knows… maybe 2017 will be more productive. I definitely have a couple more end of year posts to watch out for.