Let’s begin with: I guess summer is really here!!

I love it when music shows have specials because I get to see different version of iconic songs and to use Korean slang it’s…. The stages today were super fun and exciting, we had a lot of sistar as expected of summer but also a lot of songs I never heard of before.

This performance was full of bright energy, fun…..and unfortunately songs I don’t know. However that did not stop me from fully enjoying every bit of this summer mash-up.

First up we had Lulu (Fiestar), Jun (U-Kiss) and Inseong (KNK). Frankly this was a team I never expected but honestly they were really cute. Especially Jun and Caolu with their romantic moment. I have to admit Inseong’s cock-block was pretty memorable too. Jun’s vocals seriously surprised me and to praise my adorable Lulu again, her adlibs were super cute during the rap.  The stage was fresh and charming but the cringe level was quite high up there.

At first thought Monsta X didn’t get the memo about the type of performance they should be doing. Shonwu and Wonho came up and danced so powerfully they looked like they came just to, let me put it bluntly, “f*cuk everyone up”. Heck they looked cool but too cool for the hot summer, I felt attacked. However they also quickly went into fun, summer songs with husky voices (I love Minhyuk) and sweet facial expressions.

“Touch My Body” is sill not out of style as we see some of our newer girl groups take their go at singing it. I was honestly very happy to see a Twice meber and a RV member performing together so I’m glad this happened. All the girls did a wonderful job but I have to say the Gfriend girl’s vocals slayed, and Momo looked incredibly pretty.

Wow…..this was long…..


This will be a much shorter piece of writing however the stage was just as good. I really like the original of this, Suzy and Beakhyun looked adorable and sounded well. It’s a song I don’t listen to often but when it randomly plays I smile, I love it a lot. While having the original couple sing would be nice, Chanyeol is my bias and Nayeon is great so I can’t say I wasn’t happy with this choice. While they seemed a little awkward together, the song was sang softly and wonderfully. A clean and sweet stage as expected.


 Moving onwards we have the more sexy performances.

Firstly “Troublemaker” by Hani (EXID), who is a goddness in anything sexy so that’s already a plus, and Jihun (KNK). Truly I was not expecting this stage to be as good as it was. Both of them are incredibly talented but I couldn’t help but think it’d be awkward since KNK is a very new group. Boy was I proven wrong. Not only was it not awkward at all, but the power and sex-appeal of the original with sensual dance moves and strong expressions were all brought for this. Even the ending was wow……

I downloaded the song Soyou and Shonwu performed right after I finished watching. I never heard it before but it was fun. It was also well performed. They were such a power duo. Their voices sounded well against each other. The dancing as expected was on point too.

Except for the fact Twice looks incredibly cute dancing with their fans this performance wasn’t very different to what Twice usually does with “Cheer Up”. So why did I bring it up? Well because thanks to the outside shoot we got to see Jungyeon dance along with the girls. I hope her legs get better soon but it’s nice she could get some screen time while it’s healing. It made me very happy. Oh, and the outifts were absolutely perfect.


To be honest I somehow missed any performances Taemin might have of Soldier so when he came out on stage with that melancholic heart my heart almost burst. It’s an incredible song. I wish that part was longer. We then moved on to “Drip Drop” and “Press Your Number” and I’d say today’s performance was more dance focused because there were more dance bits than I remember in the original. Of course Taemin is an amazing dancer so he did a great job as usual. I love watching him dance so much. His singing ad libs were different than usual too but I liked them and they made the performance more unique.


While I listen to Gfriend from time to time, I have not heard “Rough” since it came out. However it was nice listening to it here. The piano accompaniment was so soothing. I just wanted to close my eyes and listen to it mix with the sweet voices of the girls. The instrumental here in general was more to my liking than the original. I like it when performances sound different and even better than the original so this positively surprised me. Unless it’s not different and I just forgot how it sounded…..that would be embarrassing.

There were of course other great performances but these stood out to me the most. Dd you guys check out this special, if so what were your favourites?