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Let’s Begin with: Why is the world so obsessed with churning out medical dramas all the time?I haven’t really watched any proper Korean medical dramas. I am currently watching “Blood” and I’ve watched “Descendants of the Sun” but those were as close as it gets. I have a reason for this. I don’t enjoy dramas that are overly serious unless they really have something going for them. Do these two have what it take to impress me?

“Doctors” was not what I expected. The first two episodes had very little medicine to be honest. The story brought us to a hospital for about 2 minutes, gave us a monologue and some badass fighting…..and then we traveled back in time to find out about the teenage years of out protagonist, Hye-Jung.

This makes it hard to describe the plot because it might change very soon but I’ll put it down briefly. Hye Jung has a difficult teenage life, with family issues and fights with what appear to be local student gangs. She hasn’t been studying well either. However, guided by her grandmother and a young teacher she decides to turn her life around and become a doctor.

I thought I’d dislike this series but I highly enjoyed the two episodes. It had just the right amount of touching scenes and drama. The main character started off as a bit of a “b*tch” but she does change for the better. The rest of the cast is satisfying too. I highly enjoyed the fight scenes. It was a nice change to see a young, attractive girl kick ass. However can we stop with the student/teacher romances please?


To me “A Beautiful Mind” was the more interesting of the two, I got hooked onto the story almost straight away. It is definitely more serious and has a darker, deeper plot. I’m only two episodes in and I’m already judging and wondering which characters I can trust.

The story is that of a man who is an amazingly skilled neurosurgeon, however he lacks the ability to feel emotions, making him lack compassion but also learn to be very good at reading people. The story is set in a Korean hospital where a young female detective investigates a murder.

This story has a lot of potential if it doesn’t just go down the “I am your girl interest and I will heal all your problems” route. The cast is very well played and Park So Dam looks adorable as always. There are definitely a lot of mysteries o be solved that I’m waiting for.

While my first impression of both dramas was favourable I am a bit of afraid. There are a lot of dramas lately and I can’t keep up with them all so I’ve gotten more critical, if a series gets too boring it’s going off my watch list. Both of these, but more likely “Doctors”, could go down the boring or overly dramatic end of things but I hope that is not the case.