Let’s begin with: Ominous flash backs, OCN and Seo In-Guk is a crime show? Well count me in.

I wasn’t even sure if I should check out this drama. “Neighborhood Hero” wasn’t to my liking and I quickly got bored of it. This looked quite similar at first glance. However I did also recently finished “Vampire Detective” and while it had some problems it was a drama I highly enjoyed, so I decided to give OCN another chance.

The basic story is simple enough however it has the ability to become pretty complicated. A team of tax collectors from the Seoul City Hall work together to take money from those who avoid paying large amounts. The team is led by Baek Sung-Il however things aren’t exactly smooth sailing with corruption being ever so present in the tax collection world. However maybe with the help of an ex-convict and skillful conman Yang Jung-Do maybe things will be a little easier.

Seo In-Guk who plays our sneaky conman is the main reason I decided to check this out. I loved him in “Hello Monster” so I’m hoping this drama works out too. I don’t know much about the rest of the cast except GG’s Sooyoung being in it. For her I can only wish that things go better than for her fellow member Yuri in the other OCN drama. Although I don’t know him the main character is played quite well. I can feel the character’s awkwardness emanating and his personality switch to a more agressive one is notable too.

Seo In-Guk’s character definitely makes the show more entertaining. Him conning people left and right is pretty amusing.Though I have to say I did find him to be a bit of a “d*ckhead”. Apart from that I highly enjoyed the more emotional moments introduced in the first two episodes such as tax collection from the less fortunate, and the hints of suspense thrown in so far.

The comments about this show aren’t very positive. A lot of people describe the first two episodes as “boring”. However I enjoyed them and was quite hooked on the story. I don’t like overly serious dramas so as long as the show keeps the balance between humour and being overly serious I think I might just watch it until the end.

I recommend this show, if you’re interested check out the trailer: