BTS – “Fire”

Let’s begin with: If the preview killed me, then this just burned my corpse to ashes.


Now that that is out of my system….this is my new favourite BTS song. Like everything from the music to the vocals to the rap to the dance to the music video was perfection. I feel so happy. I was waiting for this and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve listened to it more than ten times now.

Anyway this will be short because I have friends but um….EVERYONE LOOKED REALLY REALLY GOOD. Especially Jin (bless that blonde hair) and V (I have never seen anyone look that good playing a video game). Also that one scene with Jimin holding that lighter brooo he was fine. And the look suga had at the start, I wish I could do that look. The beat drop near the end……that was just damn……. And to not forget my beautiful bias J-Hope…..that rap 10/10. They said the dance would be difficult and damn it looks like it is.. how do you even do that with your legs….no surprise there….but it also looks really cool.  I could not be happier…..and there’s another video coming AGHHHHHHHHHH HELP ME GOD.

To finish off my absolute favourite line:

불타오르네, it’s burning up here!!

Guys I honestly adore BTS. These are only short because I use this blog to fangirl but I have friends to fangirl with over BTS….unlike all the other groups haha. But if you want to talk about this song and video PLEASE DO. I pre-ordered  the Day version of this album and I’m soooo excited for it to come. I told myself I won’t listen to any of the songs hat don’t have videos or performances and I think it will be hell…wish me luck 😀